The Science Runway

Shining a spotlight on role models in healthcare and the life sciences to inspire the next generation of women to join the industry.

The Center for Healthcare Innovation (CHI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit research center committed to excellence and innovation in the global life sciences industries, including the biotechnology, medical device, and pharmaceutical sectors.  We are the world's leading non-profit, independent think tank for the global life science ecosystem.  We provide rigorous, objective thought-leadership and solutions for the international life science ecosystem.  

The Science Runway is a project that was developed out of our WIHLS (Women in Healthcare and the Life Sciences) group.  WIHLS is committed to advancing women in the healthcare and life science industries.  It serves the biomedical, bio-technology, diagnostic, health informatics, healthcare, medical device & pharmaceutical sectors.  Our mission is to generate analysis and thought-leadership on the interface of women/gender, healthcare and life sciences.  

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